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Assumed Perspectives

Disagreements have never been easy. Even when the other person lives a continent away and your own settings entirely control the posts you see, conflict raises the blood pressure and creates unwanted stress. The closer you are to a person, the higher the stress level. The more personal the issue, the higher the stress level.…

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Perpetuating Traditionalism

American society finds itself in the midst of a rapid number of changes. Tolerance for anything and everything (except for biblical standards) has replaced an appreciation for basic morality. The reemergence of socialistic thought among millennials is challenging the long-held principles of free market capitalism in the halls of government. The principle tenets upon which…

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Blind Squirrels and Acorns

Interpreting the book of Job presents numerous challenges, even though the basic message of the book is straightforward and clear. The first two chapters record the LORD’s commendation of Job to Satan and the subsequent challenge presented that led to Job’s suffering. The last chapter records the LORD’s restoration of Job and the commendation for…

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