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A Covenant with My Eyes

During the time of his trials, Job endured sorrow and suffering, ridicule and reproach, but the wild accusations of sin leveled against him by his own friends clearly upset him—as we surely can understand. They had charged him with a multiplicity of sins, assuming the worst due to the suppositions of their erroneous theology. In…

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Shutting Down the Argument

The rise of social media has made it possible for people to take talking down to people and talking past one another to new heights of incoherence and belligerence. (That is a fancy way of saying that people spout a lot of nonsense and provoke arguments as if it is their purpose in life.) Social…

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Speaking From Ignorance

The Internet has created a venue where anyone with the time and inclination can get his ideas and opinions into the wild for all the world to see. The proliferation of blogs, social networks, and even comments on news sites has provided the opportunity for every voice to be heard. Whereas in years past people…

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Blessings of Righteousness

God has done so much for man that it boggles the mind. From the provisions of creation to the promises to Abraham to His intervention in history with the children of Israel to the sending of the Savior, at every turn God stepped in to provide precisely what man needed at exactly the right time. […]

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Hasty Decisions

Interestingly, the first name mentioned in the book of Esther does not belong to the heroine, nor does it belong to her guardian and mentor, Mordecai. Neither does it open with the antagonist, Haman. Instead, the Holy Spirit introduces us first to Ahasuerus, the king of the Persian Empire, known to us in history as…

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We are an impatient people. We do not like to wait in lines, wait for our food, wait to check our messages, or wait for something to download. We expect results, and we expect them immediately. We like our senses to be stimulated. Constantly. Just look at how many people are at exciting sporting events…

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Don’t Panic!

Most people have been there at some time in their lives—a combination of feeling out of control, frightened, nervous, and worried, all rolled up into one. It leaves us feeling either paralyzed by fear or acting irrationally. Panic is part of our natural, God-given defense system, alerting us to some kind of imminent danger. It…

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“Be Angry, and Do Not Sin”

If you struggle with anger, you are not alone. Most people must work diligently for a lifetime to keep themselves under control. However, people often get confused about what makes anger a problem. While most people recognize the spiritual problem with venting anger just because you did not get your way, you might well wonder…

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