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Taking Worship Personally

For many Christians, worshipping God has turned into a bland routine, a burdensome chore, and a senseless enterprise because they have lost touch with the heart of God and the grandeur of His character. Through a spiraling series, people lose sight of the focus of their ardor and so cease to love God as they…

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The Focus of Worship

After a potentially long, arduous trek, Jews returning to Jerusalem to participate in a great feast would make their final ascent to Jerusalem, enter a gate of the city, and ultimately approach the temple in order to worship. Climbing the stone stairs to the temple mount, they would sing psalms and focus their minds on […]

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The Glory Due His Name

During the early portion of David’s reign, he wanted to bring the ark of the covenant, and therefore Israel’s tabernacle worship, to Jerusalem. While originally unsuccessful due to the improper manner of transportation, eventually David saw his dream realized, and the priests placed the ark in the most holy place of the tabernacle on one […]

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The Depths of Triumph

When Moses ascended Mount Sinai and originally received the Law from the LORD, he heard, for the first time, the Decalogue, the Ten Commandments, which God established as the foundation for Israelite society. Among the precepts instituted in the wilderness that day, the requirement to “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy” (Ex. 20:8) […]

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The Power of Faith and Prayer

David was on the run. Absalom’s political conspiracy against his father had reached the level of a full-fledged coup de tat, winning the hearts of much of Israel through promises made and carefully planned demonstrations of authority (2 Sam. 15:1-12). The outlook for the much-revered king was bleak indeed, for “The heats of the men…

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Caught Up in the Moment

Big moments tend to linger in our minds. The great moments we want to linger—as long as possible. We cherish them and dwell upon them. They bring a combination of joy and adrenalin that breeds energy and excitement. We lose ourselves in these moments sometimes. We enjoy the positive feelings they bring so much that…

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