Convictions of Honor

Veritas, Integritas, Fidelitas

Elusive Insight

By Kevin Rhodes | Sep 30, 2019

Constantly developing technology, advances in medicine, and the information available on the Internet combine with pride to convince people  today that they have built a world of wonders—despite simultaneously destroying…

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Far Be It From Me

By Kevin Rhodes | Sep 23, 2019

Job had endured the loss of his children, the loss of his wealth, and the loss of his health. In society he had endured the humiliation of going from respected…

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The Mere Edges of His Ways

By Kevin Rhodes | Sep 16, 2019

Job’s friends began their speeches with great bluster and ended with a tiny whimper. They thought they understood everything they needed to know to address Job’s situation, but their assumptions…

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How Can a Man Be Righteous Before God?

By Kevin Rhodes | Sep 9, 2019

Job had made a powerful case, demonstrating that suffering comes upon all people regardless of the righteousness of their behavior. However, Bildad the Shuhite refused to acknowledge—at least directly—the strength…

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No Man Is Sure of Life

By Kevin Rhodes | Sep 2, 2019

In the ongoing discussion between Job and his friends, Job maintained his innocence with frustration and fervor, responding to the increasingly virulent attacks made against his life and character by…

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When He Has Tested Me

By Kevin Rhodes | Aug 25, 2019

People are quick to tell you that life is not fair. It is an axiom that comes quick to the lips just due to hearing it so often—so quickly that…

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False Accusations

By Kevin Rhodes | Aug 18, 2019

Criticism hurts—no matter how kindly delivered and no matter how constructively cast. It pains us to hear criticism because—even if we knew the problem existed previously—it is embarrassing and somewhat…

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Empty Words

By Kevin Rhodes | Aug 12, 2019

Any discussion that includes some level of disagreement requires greater communication skills than most people maintain in their arsenal. Instead, people tend to avoid disagreement in favor of the comfortable…

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Arguing Against Rebuke

By Kevin Rhodes | Aug 5, 2019

Criticism of any kind hurts to some extent. No matter how much you love and respect the person offering criticism and how much you know that person loves and respects…

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My Redeemer Lives

By Kevin Rhodes | Jul 29, 2019

The final words of Bildad the Shuhite in Job 18 had to have hurt: “And this is the place of him who does not know God” (Job 18:21b). While he…

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Shutting Down the Argument

By Kevin Rhodes | Jul 22, 2019

The rise of social media has made it possible for people to take talking down to people and talking past one another to new heights of incoherence and belligerence. (That…

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Life is Not Fair

By Kevin Rhodes | Jul 15, 2019

 You have probably had one of those days. Likely more than once. Instead of thinking about the possibilities of life, you begin contemplating the potential relief of death. You wonder…

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Miserable Comforters

By Kevin Rhodes | Jul 8, 2019

We live in a world filled with problems and pain, heartaches and sorrows. We feel this deeply in our lives when in the midst of hardship and can appreciate the…

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Assumed Perspectives

By Justin Hopkins | Jul 2, 2019

Disagreements have never been easy. Even when the other person lives a continent away and your own settings entirely control the posts you see, conflict raises the blood pressure and…

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“If a Man Dies, Will He Live Again?”

By Kevin Rhodes | Jun 24, 2019

The reality of various hardships in life strikes more often than we would wish and usually harder than we think we can endure. Some battle guilt and depression while others…

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Worthless Physicians

By Kevin Rhodes | Jun 17, 2019

The role of a preacher focuses on proclaiming God’s Word faithfully in its entirety (Acts 20:26-27). Unfortunately, some people perceive the preacher as the one divinely assigned to rail against…

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