Convictions of Honor

Veritas, Integritas, Fidelitas

Declaration of Dependence

By Kevin Rhodes | Feb 11, 2019

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty…

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Chasing Perfection

By Kevin Rhodes | Feb 4, 2019

Life does not promise a steady stream of positive experiences, an ever-improving situation, or a constant sense of comfort and peace. Indeed, to suggest such a thing is laughable. And…

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Struggling to Find Happiness

By Kevin Rhodes | Jan 28, 2019

Happiness remains that elusive figure darting in and out of life with amazing swiftness. Despite desperate measures to cater to material whims and avoid significant danger, men find themselves searching…

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A Thirsty Land

By Kevin Rhodes | Jan 21, 2019

The authorship, theme, wording, and placement of Psalm 143 all unite to indicate it serves as a sequel to the preceding psalm, making Psalm 57 the finale of a trilogy…

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No One Cares

By Kevin Rhodes | Jan 15, 2019

Though the Jews ultimately described David in heroic terms, fear, doubt, and even something close to desperation characterized him numerous times throughout his life. He spent his early adulthood on…

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Living in Trying Times

By Kevin Rhodes | Jan 7, 2019

People today live in circumstances very different in some ways than previous generations. The constant bombardment of a news cycle that went from the day to day grind of the…

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In the Midst of Chaos

By Kevin Rhodes | Dec 18, 2018

Uncertainty dominates the landscape of the postmodern world. Boastful threats from rogue nations, mounting corruption in international institutions, and political rancor on both sides of the aisle dominate the news.…

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By Kevin Rhodes | Dec 11, 2018

The information age and the rise of social media have created a new layer of identity for individuals. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and online gaming have all made it possible for…

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Great is the Glory of the LORD

By Kevin Rhodes | Dec 3, 2018

Everyone enjoys receiving praise, whether a child hearing loving appreciation from a parent, a student responding to the encouraging words of a teacher, or a worker enjoying recognition from his…

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Sing Us a Song

By Kevin Rhodes | Nov 19, 2018

I knew John Coleman only at the end of his life. An aged man of diminutive stature, he offered nothing imposing or impressive to the casual eye. And yet, in…

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His Mercy Endures Forever

By Kevin Rhodes | Nov 12, 2018

When you are in the midst of a crisis, feeling the burden of sorrow, overwhelmed by tragedy, or wondering how to carry on during a challenging time of life, fear…

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Taking Worship Personally

By Kevin Rhodes | Nov 5, 2018

For many Christians, worshipping God has turned into a bland routine, a burdensome chore, and a senseless enterprise because they have lost touch with the heart of God and the…

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The Focus of Worship

By Kevin Rhodes | Oct 29, 2018

After a potentially long, arduous trek, Jews returning to Jerusalem to participate in a great feast would make their final ascent to Jerusalem, enter a gate of the city, and ultimately approach the temple in order to worship. Climbing the stone stairs to the temple mount, they would sing psalms and focus their minds on […]

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Reflections on Unity

By Kevin Rhodes | Oct 22, 2018

Unity remains so elusive in today’s world and, sadly, in today’s church. Most all call for it. But few truly long for it—at least not the type of unity God offers. In actuality, the very people who often speak of unity act in ways completely contrary to it. Somehow, even among those who recognize the […]

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A Lamp for My Anointed

By Kevin Rhodes | Oct 15, 2018

The Babylonian captivity had shaken Judah to the very bone. After years of moral decadence and spiritual indifference, the harsh realities created by the destruction of the temple and their relocation outside of their homeland challenged their arrogant assumptions of having the LORD on their side and forced them to evaluate their relationship with the […]

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Personal Peace in an Age of Discontent

By Kevin Rhodes | Oct 8, 2018

No one is happy anymore, and that includes those who profess Christianity. On various social media outlets, complaining has risen to an art-form as people who previously had little or no voice now find a reason to speak about anything and everything, and mostly things of which they know little. As a people, we have […]

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